Thursday, April 10, 2014

Greek Life @ USU

What's Going on My Aggies?! It's me Ya Brotha, Ya Man, Ya Aggie TJ PRATT and I am coming at you with another post!

Campus is blooming right now! The weather is warming up nicely and the forecast is saying sunny days! We are just a few weeks out from graduation and I can't wait. A lot of you are also getting ready for your proms and graduation practices right? Well one piece of advice I would give is to enjoy the time now. Life is better when you stop to smell the roses.

This Friday is one of my favorite shows on campus. The 14th Annual Step Show. Here at USU we have 3 Sororities and 6 Fraternities. I often meet students who wonder if Greek Life is for them. I always encourage students to check out each house and then you make the decision. However, at the Step Show this year the theme is "Step Back in Time" so you can expect some 80's, 90's maybe even some old school! All campus clubs and organizations are encouraged to perform. In the past we have had several guests performers from all over Utah. Maybe one day the Step Show will turn into the biggest in UT and we will have groups from all over come to USU to perform.

I am currently the Public relations Chair for the Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural Fraternity Inc. Some of the benefits I have received from being a part of my organization include: Leadership experience, team work/ communication skills, service hours, and professional development from successful alumni. I am a proud member of my organization and I haven't regretted a minute of it. So I encourage all of you that may be interested or still on the fence, when you come to USU just check out the Greek Life community here because its such a great family and there's none better!

Peace & Blessings
Peace & Blessings


Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Know What You Did Over Spring Break...

What's Going On My Aggies?! Its Me again Ya Boy, Ya Friend, Ya Cousin: T.J Pratt!
and I'm coming at you with another one!

So let it begin the countdown to Summer & the end of the semester! There is about a month and a half left of school left and I am way excited. However, I am sure a lot of you are probably wondering what have I been up too especially over spring break. For spring break I was a part of a group of students from campus who went to Seattle, Washington for service. The program is called Alternative Spring Breaks through the Val. R Christensen Service center on campus. It was such a rewarding trip, we were able to go to Seattle and volunteer and work with the Homeless population of the state.

While in Seattle I had to pick up a Supersonics sweater! We went to the 1st Starbucks, gumwall, the troll, visited the University of Washington, etc. Honestly, one of the more memorable parts of the trip was going to the Rainforest. I didn't even know America had one of those?! Lastly, I cant be more grateful for my friends and mentors here at USU who have given me opportunities that couldn't have been afforded to me if I were not an Aggie! Go Aggies!

Service on the Maara Farm

My newest best friends by the fish market

On the ferry headed to Bainbridge Island, Seattle

A picture of me in North Cascade Park, Seattle

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Love Poem/ Happy Valentine's Day

To my Campus Crush

I saw her today,
and she walked up to me like an abstract painting
with brushes for fingertips,
and she breast-stroked this canvas shell of mine
an ocean blue,
an ocean blue that was as deep as her dimples,
and I felt like Captain Morgan,
so I pirate-dived into them,
hoping to find way to that intoxicating treasure
she called a smile,
stealing a glimpse of something this beautiful has never felt so much like a crime,
so i prayed for freedom for my misdemeanor,
but I fell captive by the handcuffs in her eyes,
I never saw them coming,
the justice in her eyelids was enough,
so I asked for mercy,
and she had mercy,
we lingered, like seconds during sunsets,
She is my muse,
and as we departed one another's lives like summer days,
I knew I was different,
It was as if she took gravity with her,
and I was left there floating with the residue of her presence
without training wheels or a map,
or maybe I was stuck still,
in a state of perplexed perpetual motion gravitating toward  my next class,
which was some planet a galaxy over yonder,
but I don't need to tell you she was breath-taking like my savior's star,
I saw her today,
and we shared words like old friends do at reunions,
she refreshed my soul, 
so I borrowed half of her heart and placed it in the whole of my left eardrum hoping 
she & I would start resonating in cut time
because I can't hold this rapture in my chest for you any longer


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome to February

Whaduup, Whaduup, Whadduup My future Aggies?!
It's ya Kinfolk, ya Classmate, ya Campus Crush: TJ Pratt!
And I'm coming at chu with another post!

So it's finally February?! Are you excited?! I'm nervous coming into February because this month there are a lot of big sporting events going down. You have the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia (Go America!), the NBA All-Star Weekend, the X-Games in Aspen, and the Seattle Seahawks winning the Superbowl (not to mention March Madness right around the corner). So grab you favorite team apparel and lets get to cheering!

Lastly this week I will performing on campus with the American Festival Chorus. It will be a concert of Gospel Music! This is one of the biggest events on campus! Along with special guests the SLC Calvary Baptist church choir! It will be a stirring night full of soulful music. They had this concert two years ago and now they are bringing it back and I am so excited to be apart of a concert like this. I recommend getting evryone you know to drive up, down, left, & right to Logan so you can see this because this is one campus event you won't want to miss!

-As Always
T.J. Out!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Distance from home vs. College at USU (Who is T.J. Pratt)

What's Going on Aggies?!
It's Ya Brotha, Ya Aggie, Ya Kinfolk: TJ Pratt!
Coming at you with another Blog post!

     So Classes have been getting gradually harder! But if there is one thing I realized while being in college it's that College isn't necessarily hard but college demands a lot from you. So to all my further Aggies out there keep that in mind. I know a lot of you have already made up your mind to come to #UState already (Of Course =) but for those of you still on the fences let this blog help you choose #UState! It's not too late!

    So let me share just a little bit about myself. I am from Harlem, NYC born and raised. I've loved to sing all my life. In my senior year of High School i was given a scholarship to attend Utah State. Now the distance did get to me at first. I know the distance from home for some of you is a big thing but think about the distance from home for me? that's 3,333 miles (trust me I've google mapped it) One of the bigger reasons that allowed for me to convince myself that I should go was the fact of the opportunity of college itself. In life we don't get many opportunities like USU. I didm;t know that then but I know that now. USU has taught me so many life lessons in and outside of the classroom and I would't trade them for anything. I love it up here and I know for sure I will miss it when I leave.

So I end with this thought: Who is T.J. Pratt? Mmm well since you all are wondering there is an actual movie trailer out on this very subject and I've taken the liberty of adding to this blog post. So watch the trailer, tell your friends, family, etc. and share it because its going to be good. I've already got my ticket what about you?

Until Next time,
Be Encouraged
Peace and Aggie Love

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

End of 2013! I'm Back!

Whaddup Whaddup Whaddup My Furture Aggies?!!!
It's Ya Cuz, Ya Friends, Ya Aggie: TJ Pratt and I'm coming at you with another post!

     Now I know, I know, it's been a minute but your Boy is Back, Jack! I've been living life to the fullest as an Aggie Man! I was able to end 2013 with a Bang in NYC watching the Ball drop with my family and friends. Next thing you know I am back in Utah with a huge textbook in my face and it been a crazy rush but I Love it.

     So right now we are going through Spring semester here on campus up in Logan. I love the atmosphere up here. There are son sculpture building break session in between classes. Utah State basketball is in the Mountain One Division and its always exciting to see a game in the Most electrifying Arena West of the Mississippi! Don't Believe me Check out ESPN. Anyways, USU is going great, I just need to shake of the rust from Xmas break and get back into the swing of things and into 2014!

     So for this Blog I want to just  briefly catch you up with how my 2013 ended. How many of y'all have Instagram?! Well for those who don't, Instagram is a phone app where you can post pictures or small videos and your friends can like or comment on them. So this is a small video I put together of my 2013! I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. I wonder if Utah State has an instagram? MmMhmM

Until next time I'm out Peace and Aggie Love

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18th Was the Day I Was Born

Whaddup, Whaddup, Whaddup Ma Aggies?!
Its Ya Boy, Ya Kinfolk, Ya Cousin: TJ Pratt
And I'm coming at chu with another post!

I am so stoked! I look at my birthday as a day where I get receive love. Ultimately thats all I really want on my birthday is for people to be genuine and to give me the same love that I give them the other 364 days. Honestly,its been tough trying to keep up in classes, maintaining a job, a social life, and making sure I see the back of my eyelids long enough. 

Random Fact: Did you know that the average human blinks 23040 times a day? 

On the day that you were born you begin to wonder and reflect on your own life. Am I doing well in school? Are my folks proud of me? am I chasing my dreams? I honestly feel that in life as well as in college, you never truly find out, but it's the journey of trying to find out that makes life worth living for.

Honestly how many people you know come from Harlem, New York to Utah State not on an Athletic scholarship. I am not, an engineer, nor am I a huntsman scholar, and agriculture or horticulture frustrates me. So why am I here? I am not sure because I am still learning bits and pieces of it but if there is one thing that I am certain of it's that this experience at Utah State will be what chaps me for the rest of my life and I am ready for it. To all my High School Seniors who don't know what to expect in the next few weeks, months, or years I challenge you to ask yourself like Robert Frost did in his poem:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

Think about it. Many of you may have a chance here to make a great step into the rest of your lives by choosing to go to college and also in choosing Utah State because you can't get a better education for the same price. Utah State Hey Aggies all the Way!!! Until Next time!

Aggie Out!